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Four Apps to Help Keep You Fit

Here’s a roundup of the apps our fitness team suggests you download ASAP to help you reach your goals! 

1. My Fitness Pal

What’s great about My Fitness Pal is that it makes your weight loss goals concrete. Instead of just going by “I want to fit into these jeans by December”, you have a real number that helps hold you accountable. With the app you can track your calories and it helps you stay on course with your fitness routine. It is also a good way to track your mood after you’ve eaten something, by using the food diary feature, you can see what days you ate, and how you’ve felt on those particular days. There is an extensive catalog of verified food items that allows you to get pretty accurate data on the foods you are tracking. Overall, this app is highly recommended by us here at ncognito to help you plan and adhere to your fitness and nutritional goals.

2. My Macros+ Diet & Calories App

 If you are counting macros instead of counting calories, this is the app for you. It’s simple and easy to use. The coolest feature is the Macro Coach which allows you set your goal, add your current info, and every week do a check in which will cause adjustments to be done automatically. Furthermore, you can customize the serving size, so you aren’t restricted to a certain type of serving size like you are in other apps.  You can even create your own recipes for future use!

3. Pinterest

We know, we know, this isn’t truly a “fitness app” but our personal trainer and nutrition coach Tabitha swears by it. It’s a cornucopia of exercises and food ideas. It also has tons of inspo for meal planning effectively.

4. Daily Yoga

For those of you looking to improve your yoga capabilities, the Daily Yoga App is a great way to improve your technique on days you aren’t headed to one of our yoga classes instructed by Heidi! The routines are under about 30 minutes and there are 50 classes on the app so far. You can even specialize your end result such as doing Yoga for Runners if you’re someone who runs or jogs consistently. You can pick your sessions based on the body part you’re interested in working on too!