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Personal Training


Are you searching for a personal trainer near me in the Wellington,
Royal Palm Beach, Greenacres, Boynton Beach, Acreage & Loxahatchee Area?

At ncognito, we know that you have many choices when it comes to personal training and getting fit.

We also acknowledge that there’s a thin line between making a decision and taking action. Can you do it yourself or do you need accountability? Do you train with the crowd or do you need more personal service?

We guarantee you a safe and effective workout with a Certified Personal Trainer who knows how to tailor the workout to achieve your personal goals. Whether in our small group or one-on-one training program we promise you’ll get the attention and focus you need to build a stronger you!

Schedule an evaluation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers. They will test your posture, coordination, upper & lower body strength, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, flexibility & balance and determine the training package that is right for you! Fitness and Personal Training at our Wellington Studio. Stop in today or give us a call to learn more!

Fitness and Personal Training

Group training:

Ideal for those who want guidance from a Certified Personal Trainer but enjoy the camaraderie of working out with others. These sessions will leave you feeling motivated, accomplished and help ensure you reach your maximum potential. There is a maximum of 4 members per trainer in each group.

 One on One training: 

If you are looking for extra attention during your workout, or need a specialized routine, our one-on-one training is your best option. Just you and your Certified Personal Trainer.

Functional Training

Designed to improve your strength in multi-dimensional movements. These exercises emulate real-life activities like lifting groceries from the shopping cart to your trunk or carrying a toddler in one arm while fiddling with keys in the other.

Balance & Core Stability

“Exercise without a strong core and a good balance is like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe.” – Chere NASM 2003

We all know stories of the grandma that fell and broke her hip. Well with this program we promise that won’t be you. By improving the integrity of your core, you minimize the chance of injury and increase your overall stability and balance.

Flexibility Training

The measure of one’s true strength is determined by their flexibility. This type of training works to improve the individual’s range of motion as well as dynamic flexibility.

Sport Specific Training

Train your body to be more efficient in whatever movements your sport demands. This training will improve your agility, flexibility, functional strength and recovery time as well as minimize injury.

Golf: improve your stroke, hit the ball farther!

Tennis: cover the court more quickly; put the ball where you want it!

Running: run farther, longer, reduce injury and recuperate faster!

Football, basketball and baseball: hit harder, jump higher and throw farther!

The Nisbett Protocol

A system of specific exercises combined with dynamic flexibility & touch therapies designed to help individuals achieve optimal fitness. The application of the Nisbett Protocol™ improves functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency, posture, and overall flexibility and can be prescribed for both proactive and corrective exercise clients.

Corrective Exercise

Special populations i.e. diabetics, multiple sclerosis, lupus.

  • Pain management i.e. sciatica, carpal tunnel & thoracic outlet syndromes.
  • Post rehabilitation i.e. rotator cuff surgery, knee or hip replacement surgery

Proactive Exercise

Sport Specific Training for Golf, Tennis, Triathlons, and Marathons etc.

Benefits: Improved posture Balance Core Strength.

Personal Training

Become the person you wish to see in the mirror. Make the change today. Schedule your fitness evaluation.


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