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Want to lose weight? Or just overall diet and health? Certified Health Coach serving the Wellington,
Royal Palm Beach, Greenacres, Boynton Beach, Acreage & Loxahatchee Area

Nutrition can chage your life

Take the power back! Learn how to break up with poor food choices.
Some people live in the kitchen while others eat out several times a week. Some have picky taste buds while others have a travel schedule that makes nutritious choices harder to come by. Whatever your circumstances, we can design a nutrition program to accommodate “your” lifestyle!

Nutrition services

  • Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Monthly Membership
  • Nutrition 101
  • Grocery Store Excursion
  • Cooking Class
  • Dine out ncognito
  • Fridge and Pantry Detox

Nutrition Consultation

Our 45-minute nutrition consultation is your time with a member of our nourish team to discuss your nutrition and health concerns. Utilizing your completed lifestyle profile, nutrition health chart and the information obtained from this consultation, our nourish team will develop a personalized nutrition plan to help you reach your goals.

Monthly Membership

Our nourish membership is the foundation of our nutrition program. Our monthly membership includes: a personalized monthly meal plan, monthly body measurements to help track your results, a 15-minute monthly check-in with our nourish team, text/phone support for those emergency food questions and you will benefit from member prices on all nutrition classes.

**The following services will be available in two different formats: a small group class setting (maximum of 4 people) or personal one on one.

Nutrition 101

This class is designed to help make food simple. You will learn the basics of nutrition that will give you a solid platform to grow from. We believe that knowledge is power and this class will give you the tools to start leading a more nourishing life.

Grocery Store Excursion

The most advertised foods are usually the most processed and unhealthy. The grocery store can be intimidating if you are unsure of what to look for. Our grocery store excursion is designed to allow you to take the power back and buy food that your body craves in order to function at optimal conditions. Join a small group at one of our local grocery stores as a member of our nourish team walks you through label reading tips, package reading tricks and ideas for quick meals and snacks. Interested in a personalized excursion? Sign up for a one on one trip – you pick the store and let us know what you need help with.

Cooking Class

For many people clean, healthy food options can be intimidating or discouraging because we don’t know how to make them taste yummy. Come to one of our cooking classes and let our nourish team teach you how to make quick prep meals, tasty snacks and tips on how to cook like a chef. Our group classes will be provided with recipes and tasting samples. Looking for a cooking class at your home? Schedule a one on one session and we will come to you!

Dine out ncognito

We all know how tough it can be to go out to eat with friends when we are trying to eat healthy – surrounded by tempting food choices and unsure of what to order. We will teach you how to make smart menu decisions so you can live healthy and enjoy your social life. Our group classes will walk you through different types of restaurant menus to master navigating through the poor food choices and learn how to order smart. Are you a socialite foodie and enjoy eating out at specific restaurants? Schedule a one on one dine out ncognito session and our nourish team will customize up to 8 smart food choice menus for you.

Fridge and Pantry Detox

Getting hangry (hungry + angry) or being on a time crunch can cause us to grab the easiest and potentially not healthiest food choice out of the pantry or fridge. With our detox we will teach you staple items to always keep in stock to use as the foundation for quick meals and snacks. Our group class will teach you the foundations of healthy at-home eating and must-haves to keep in case of emergencies! Want a member of the nourish team to come bag up all of your junk food for you? Schedule a one on one detox and we’ll send out the troops! For an additional $100 we will bring the essentials with us.

Personal Training

Become the person you wish to see in the mirror. Make the change today. Schedule your fitness evaluation.


Kick stress to the curb! Give yourself the gift of relaxation. Massage therapy at ncognito. Schedule a massage.


Take the power back! Learn how to break up with poor food choices. Schedule your nutrition consultation.